Mission Statement:
To provide efficient and effective lifesaving, life-enriching resources to the fingertips of service members, first responders and their families.

Our Founder:
Jeff Ring is the husband of Karen (co-founder), father of four, grandfather and a retired veteran with more than 34 years of service.

After several years of making websites Jeff and Karen formed Web Medium Solutions in 2011. Starting with website development and specializing in content management systems and forums. Jeff’s drive to help other soldiers pushed him to explore a more effective way to meet the needs of today’s electronic engaged service members and their families.Realizing that the internet is not always a resource that is efficiently navigated, he designed our first mobile app to provide instant resources to those that need the services regardless of internet connection. This first mobile app was one page with our “enhanced ACE card” ©2014 suicide prevention resource and two phone numbers, the 24/7 suicide crisis line and 911. This straight forward approach is evident in our latest mobile app.

Finishing out his 34 year military career in early 2017, Jeff has had many assignments from mechanic, woodworker to First Sergeant and Operations Sergeant. The last six years of his career, Jeff has been leading the Yellow Ribbon reintegration team. Providing resources to service members and their families pre&post combat tour.These experiences have giving Jeff the unique opportunity to continue improving the quality of life for service members, first responders and their families.

Our Clients:
Our clients are the finest people in the world. Providing their content in support of those in need.


“I am not disabled. I am a veteran who has been challenged to overcome obstacles!” ~Jeff Ring~